Healing Fears ~ Horoscope for October 18th to October 25th

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There is a Powerful positive Shift of Energy beginning this week

You may feel very refreshes and positive today.  The heavy energy that many have been enduring, is finally waning.


A Spring like Aura is surrounding this World.

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This week should bring a happy breakthrough that sets you free from fears and any toxic energy.

The Guardians are showing that the world, Humanity as one, has completed a major lesson and is entering a new chapter of deep healing.


You may notice a difference in how stress effects you.


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Be sure to check your Palm to determine what energy you are stepping into.

Are you going into:

Fire ~ This is a warrior aura. You are breaking free of old energy. Business maybe strong.

Water ~ Strong dream aura. You may feel the emotions of Nature the next few days. Keep an eye on how the Ocean/Sea/Lakes/Rivers speak to you.

Starlight ~ DEEP Spiritual energy. A new Guardian may come to you. Meditation may be helpful.

Moonlight~ You are transforming your fears into Faith. Tarot may give you a deeper insight in to this aura field.

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Aries: You may step into a higher Souls Honor. Deeper psychic dreams are very strong this week.

Taurus: Listen to your body. Fitness maybe very important. You are removing old energy.

Gemini: You are deepening your mind. Look for a new book, podcast or class to help you embrace what inspires you.

Cancer: Animals are speaking to you. Learn their words. Connect with nature this week.


Leo: Organize. Focus on what is in your power. Any worries or stress gently let go. A old friend may reach out.

Virgo: Celebrate the joys around you. Pets may send you an intuitive dream this month.

Libra: Joy is all around you. Love, Family and laughter is the focus.

Scorpio: A friendship may deepen. Love is coming to you.

Sagittarius:  Time to study and work hard.  A project at home may help you connect with an old memory.

Capricorn: Powerful energy to work with Tarot and/or Astrology. You may connect with a new teacher.

Aquarius: Excellent energy to plan. Write out your goals. You are in a high manifestation cycle. Be clear with your wishes.

Pisces: Wonderful energy for music. You are becoming more Clair-audio. Angels are singing to you.



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