What Happens when Mercury Goes Direct? ~ January 18th 2023

What happens when Mercury goes direct?

There is plenty of information about when Mercury goes Retrograde but what happens when our wise planet goes direct?

A Mercury Retrograde helps goes go deep into our thoughts.

To help us see where we need to grow and where we need to heal our communications.  Either with ourselves or with others.

When Mercury goes direct, it can be a powerful energy of validation of the Spiritual work you have been doing.

However, if you are not doing the work or taking the time to hear what your heart needs (Or hear the Spiritual Needs of those around you) Mercury Lets you know...

What to expect When Mercury goes direct:


Release of Energy that is not yours.


A Few days before Mercury goes direct, many of us may feel that we are going through a detox of some sort.

When Mercury goes direct, creates an energy "Pulse" of sorts, that helps our aura vibrate to a higher frequency.  As is this happens, all negative energy that is NOT yours is "shaken" out.  

Healers and Intuitives are impacted by this more so than others. You are doing much more work than you know when Mercury is in Retrograde. 

You have the courage and wisdom to go deeper into your heart and heal fears that may be holding you back from your true power.

Always remember, Mercury in retrograde creates situations for us to encourage us to do the work needed to break free of energy that is not in our best interest.



Tips to help



We may feel the need to eat better, do a workout or clutter our home. Remember you just finished a very intense vibration.

Now it is time let go of aura that is not serving you anymore.



  • Take some time to eat a few more veggies/fruit than normal.
  • Try a new smoothie
  • Drink more Green tea (very helpful!!)
  • Try a foot detox patch (I love these!)


Time to Clean

 Take some time to de clutter your home and check the Feng Shui of your space.


 Add more positive energy

  • Play more positive Reiki Music
  • Laugh more
  • Watch a funny video
  • Check to see if you need more Crystals? or do you need to clear your crystals?



Inspiration rising


One of the best parts when Mercury goes direct is you feel so refreshed and ready for something beautiful.

 You may feel full of new ideas and projects that creates an opportunity

Take sometime to write out your goals and inspirations.


Here is an old video with my Annabelle about Mercury retrograde if it helps.


Much Love and Peace




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