Saturn entering Pisces ~ March 2023

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Saturn is about to enter Pisces. Many of us intuitives/healers are feeling intense waves of emotional energies that may be causing confusion.  

For example: You may be having a great morning or conversation with your friends and out of the blue, you feel very cranky or annoyed at them. Without any obvious reason for the mood change.

What is happening?

Saturn is our Teacher planet. I know many astrologers tend to make Saturn sound very negative however, I respectfully  disagree.

Here are my thoughts about Saturn Return

Yes, Saturn can make things appear difficult or even stressful BUT this only seems to happen when we are NOT in our true powers or giving way our worth.

Saturn in Pisces is all about us going deeper into our Intuition and healing fears. The more we honour our hearts and are kinder to one another, the more joy and beauty that will manifest.

It may be important to learn the language of Saturn.   

Here is an example of how Saturn speaks  to us.

Classic Case Study

Lesson from Saturn:  Saturn wants you to know that there is a better job/career for you and that the current position you are in is NOT your vibration.

Seekers Position:  Seeker is aware that they are not happy but does NOT want to change jobs/career because it is ‘Easy’ for now to remain in this job.  

Wave #1:  Boss begins to annoy the Seeker.

*Note* When someone ‘Annoys’ us it is just an energetic flag that something may not be flowing right. It is up to us to translate the energy of Where that aura may be.  
It is important to take time and ask yourself is it you? Is it the other person? It is the situation? Or are you detoxing energy that should not be there?

Wave #2: When you wake up in the morning, it is a struggle to go to work. ~ Your intuition is speaking up and letting you know this energy is not the best for you.

Wave #3: It feels like nothing is flowing or going right at work. Now Co-workers/Clients are now annoying you. ~ Saturn is making it uncomfortable to show you that you deserve more than this.

Wave #4:  You can’t stop thinking about work or stressing about work. ~ Saturn is trying to get your attention.

Wave #5:  *Note* this only happens if we are really going against your power and the Universe has to make a Divine intervention.
Something happens where you are demoted or lose the job.

Outcome: Where the Seeker now is being given the gift of Freedom to redirect their focus on a much better job/career, something will open up that is more true to their vibration.

It may be a bit stressful at first, however the opportunities presented to the Seeker should be clear and gentle. 

Also please note if the Guardians/Universe  feel the Seeker needs to rest and recharge first things may be quiet for a few weeks before the clarity comes.

Tips to help

  • Take time to focus on what makes you happy.
  • Practice gratitude
  • Laugh often so the energy does not  block your psychic sight.
  • Look into herbal tonics. Highly recommend Robin from Horsman Reading!
  • Be very mindful of when you feel divided from others. The more we know we are all one the more positive the energy will become.

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