Waxing Moon in Pisces January 6th, 2022

Message from the Guardians.

Today's energy is going to be a bit more intuitive than normal.

A Waxing Moon is a growing Moon. When the waxing moon is in Pisces this should be a beautiful energy to work on your Tarot and meditations.

Please keep an extra eye on how your Guardians are speaking to you.

Dream work should be very deep the next few days.


A Few tips for today.


Spell work/ Reiki


Get your spell kit or Reiki kit out and see where the energy guides you.

Especially with Crystals. Maybe make a crystal grid? Or Vision Board?


Link to Amazon

Connect with the Ocean

Listen to the ocean. Watch where your heart takes you.

This is one of my favorite YouTube Channels for Ocean sounds.


Drink more Green Tea

I try to drink 3 to 4 cups a day of various herbal teas.  But When I need to detox and clear my energy my go to is Green tea. 


When drinking your tea (Or if you are not a fan of any tea, water will do) Focus your energy connecting with the tea and asking it to help you remove any blocks in your aura. Be sure to give thanks.



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Please Remember to follow your joy!


Much Love and Peace



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