Psychic Tips

  • Healing Fears ~ Horoscope for October 18th to October 25th

    Be sure to check your Palm to determine what energy you are stepping into.

    Are you going into:

    Fire ~ This is a warrior aura. You are breaking free of old energy. Business maybe strong.

    Water ~ Strong dream aura. You may feel the emotions of Nature the next few days. Keep an eye on how the Ocean/Sea/Lakes/Rivers speak to you.

    Starlight ~ DEEP Spiritual energy. A new Guardian may come to you. Meditation may be helpful.

    Moonlight~ You are transforming your fears into Faith. Tarot may give you a deeper insight in to this aura field.

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  • Psychic Message for September 2021 ~ Warning from Guardians

    False energy or an Entity happens when a negative energy is trying to manipulate you. Or to get your to forget your true power. 
    Fear and Anger can blind you to your Divine Truth.  And unfortunately, it makes it very easy for us to be tricked into a reaction or say words that are not our own.
    What Can I do?