3 ways to INSTANTLY remove Psychic Energy Blocks

3 ways to INSTANTLY remove Psychic Energy Blocks

It is important to think of your energy as water.

For water to be strong & healthy it needs to move.

When water becomes still, algae and other bacteria grows. This prevents the water from being true to its healing powers.

Your energy field (Aura) is no different.

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It is so important to find ways for you to move your energy so you can see into your own Divine intuitive powers.

Here are Kelliena’s Top 3 ways to immediately clear your energy and help you step back into your powers.


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Change your morning routine.

This may seem random but I will explain. The early hours of the morning the energy is very high and pure because of the rising sun’s energy.

This means that you can gather as much POSITIVE energy as you can during this sacred time of the day.

When your energy is blocked, it is hard to feel this beautiful energy as the day begins.

By changing your morning routine, you are actually redirecting your energy. This allows the negative energy or blocked energy to move there flow your natural energy flow will be restored.

  • Get up on the other side of the bed. When we get out of bed we step into an energy filed as soon as our feet touch the ground. Sometimes energy is heaver on one side of the bed as compared to the other. This can be for many reasons:

    • The neighbor is cranky

    • Feng Shui is not flowing or set up correctly.

    • Or you could of cleared a lot of toxic energy in your sleep and the heavy energy is still lingering next to you. When you get up, you accidentally step back into it.

  • As you wake up and before your open your eyes wiggle your toes and fingers. Set your intention that you are removing Energy blocks. Feel the positive energy flowing through you.

  • Smile. This helps strengthen your intention for positive energy. Even if you don’t feel happy this simple act will call in a happy aura.



Go for a walk/be outdoors.

Guardians often suggest this. They say that when we are not connected to our aura, we quickly forget our true Divine power.

When we are in a toxic or blocked energy, it is easy to forget the healing gifts of nature and chose to stay inside, on social media, watch a movie that ends up feeding the negative energy.

Tap your feet.


I was told years ago from a acupuncturist, that on the bottom of our feet there is an acupuncture point known as “The Drain” KI 1

When we active this point it can help let go of blocked energy.

Many many years ago, before I learned about this, the Guardians taught me to tap my feet when I felt angry, sad or lost. Gently tapping both feet as I am sitting down helps ground the toxic energy. I usually feel the energy becoming lighter and I feel more clarity than I did before tapping my feet.

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