Zodiac Signs that Challenge us

 Signs that Challenge us  or become our Teachers.



In astrology, the aspect of the planets, refers to the angle the planets are to one other. It creates an energy influence on us.  

The aspect I would like to focus on today is the Square.  

An Astrological Square means two Zodiac signs are 45 degrees apart. It creates this kind of oil and water aura. Where the two zodiac signs don't really mix well.

Throughout my journey in astrology, I have noticed many astrologers make the Square very negative and fear based.

I strongly disagree with this.

It is best to think of it as sort of an language barrier. One Sign may feel they are perfectly clear, but the sign has a hard time understanding them.

Guardians have always said the astrological square helps us expand our powers. 

Paula Lustemberg  explains Squares signs perfectly

“The planets that compose it form 45º angles to each other. They represent energies that are not very comfortable with each other – except when they are in signs of compatible elements.”


 If you have a loved one or friend that squares your Sun or Moon sign, these souls may have a very powerful lesson to teach you.

 When the Universe makes things “uncomfortable” it is to encourage us to think outside the box.

When we are going through a Square aspect, it might be frustrating in the moment, however it can lead us to a much greater and happier path, when we DO the work and learn.


A classic square show up in a co-workers/friendship/relationship. These souls often can annoy or make us frustrated without us understanding why.

They really are our teachers to remind us of not settling for less than we are. Transitional Soulmates usually have a Zodiac Natal Sun or Moon signs that square the partners Sun/Moon.  

They may be in our life for a few weeks/ months or a year (Often longer with Earth Signs) so we may get the lesson of who are are not, in order to transform into who we are.


In your psychic journey, I would encourage you to keep an eye on what Zodiac sign Moon is

Astro.com is also another great resource.


Where to find the current planets on www.astro.com



The Moon changes signs every 2 and 1/2 days.

When the Moon is in your square sign it may feel more heavier that day or you may feel the energy is not flowing.

By being aware of this, you will be able to instantly translate if the heavy energy is yours or just the influence of the Moon.

The days that the Moon squares your Natal Sun or Moon, you may see an opportunity that others are missing.

This is perfect energy to rediscover your powers. And also to give yourself time and space if you need to be on your own.

For example:

If someone is in a lesson about setting boundaries.  When the moon squares them, the Universe may make the energy very loud with others not respecting their boundaries.


Creating an opportunity for this soul to speak up and set firm personal space.


First, you want to learn what Zodiac signs square one another.

If you are new to astrology, I would gently recommend just focusing on your Natal Sun and Moon sign. If you don’t know your Moon sign here is a quick link

Below are  the list of what signs Square one another.

You want to find out where your Natal Zodiac Sun and Moon are.

Then you want to find out who in your life has your Square signs.


For Example You are a Leo Sun with a Virgo Moon.

Your Teachers will be Taurus and Scorpio for your Sun sign and Sagittarius and Gemini for your Moon Sign.


Aries Challenging Teachers are Cancer and Capricorn

Taurus Challenging Teachers are Leo and Aquarious

Gemini Challening Zodiac signs are Virgo and Pisces

Cancer Teachers are Libra and Aries

Leo Challenging Teachers are Taurus and Scorpio

Libra Challenging Teachers are Cancer and Capricorn

Scorpio challenging teachers are Leo and Aquarious

Sagittarius Teachers Are Virgo and Picses





If you would like to go deeper into your Zodiac signs please feel free to book a reading with Kelliena