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~ Increase your Dream powers ~

 Dreams help us hear and see our Angels. They can create a safe space for us to expand our Divine Abilities.


Here is one of my go-to Psychic Exercise to help expand my dreams. 

In traditional Chinese Medicine there is a wise saying that translates into English as:

"Drink your food & Chew your water"

Drink your food


Means chew your food until you can swallow it like a "drink of water'


Chew your water

  Means drink your water one mouth full at a time.

This helps our body digest much more efficiently.

If we drink our water too fast, our bodies can't absorb it and we end up peeing it out.

Slowing down when we drink our water gives our body time to ingest it.


One psychic exercise I do (most days) is "Chew my water"

When I wash the dishes in the afternoon, I play Reiki Music

(This is my go to lately

Then I pour a glass of water.

I take one drink and sent my timer to 5 mins.

After 5 mins I take another drink.

I repeat this for close to an hour.

After I feel much more re-hydrated and more grounded.

After the few week I noticed my aura was easier to clear and my sleep improved quite a bit.

Also My dreams became more vivid.

Where I could feel and see the Guardians much better.


 One Book I HIGHLY Recommend is The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine

LOVE this book! It is full of wisdom and guidance.

Link to Amazon

 Another book I am obsessed with is Medicinal Herbs of Eastern Canada By Brenda Jones


I really feel working with herbs can help you connect with your Angels on a whole new vibration. Brenda Jones does a beautiful job teaching how to do this. Her Art work is beyond this world.

A must have for all healers and empaths.

Hope this helps

Much Love and Peace


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