What to Expect with Mercury Retrograde ~ September 10th to Oct 1st 2022

Mercury Retrograde September 10th, 2022 to Oct 1st 2022

This Mercury retrograde is all about seeing opportunities that we may be missing.

A few dates to be mindful of:

  • September 10th, 2022 Full Moon in Pisces AND Mercury Retrograde begins.
  • September 10th to September 24th Mercury will be in Libra (8 degrees to 30 degrees)
  • September 24th to Oct 1st Mercury will be in Virgo (29 degrees to 24 degrees)


If your Sun or Moon  Natal Sign is in Virgo or Libra, be sure to check if you will have a conjunction (Where Mercury crosses directly over your Sun/Moon.

If it does, Energy may be very very loud/heavy for a day, however you may have a beautiful revelation but the end of the conjunction.


This Retrograde begins with the Full Moon in Pisces. As I said in September's Horoscope report, this is a major event that happens only once a year. (Please check your report for more details about this Full Moon and how it will affect you.)


The conjunction with the Full Moon and Mercury retrograde will be very helpful with your Spiritual abilities and help you grow your inner wisdom.


Aura Fields

Note for Aura Fields: These definitions does not include Energy cords, Ego Cords or the Guardians influence. Just a basic understanding of how the aura fields function.


The following interpretations are based on my Readings/Psychic Training with the Guardians and how they show energy when I do Readings.  There is a lot more to it but I hope it helps you to understand how a Mercury Retrograde can impact your energy.


Aura is best described as an onion. Many layers of various lights and vibrations or what I call "Aura Fields."

Each Aura Field is kind of like a energetic holding tank of your Souls information and your Divine Powers.

You are born with these aura fields into this world. They are to help you complete your lessons and when you are lost, remind you of who you really are.

Basic Aura Fields


External Aura ~ Energy from World events/Astrology, other people/situations that you are NOT part of, however your aura takes on this energy.

Example: You are at work, in the break room with your co-worker. All of of sudden you feel cranky but don't know why. You discover your co-worker is cranky because they did not have their coffee.

How did this happen? Their cranky energy connected with your External aura, creating a ripple effect in your energy field to your Core aura.


Past lives/Wisdom ~ Here is where you have access to all the knowledge you have earned through out all your previous existences (Earth and other worlds/dimensions)

If you ever feel lost, you can connect to your powers here and find your way.

Core Aura ~ Your Divine Self. This is who you truly are. No ego here.


Connection/Crossing Aura ~ Energy from other people/situations that you ARE  part of, however your aura crosses them.

Influence of a Mercury Retrograde

Astrology influences our external aura. Think of it as the "Weather" surrounding us.

When something is moving our external aura it creates an effect similar to a pebble being thrown into the pond. It causes a ripple for every layer of your aura field.

 The Ripple effect We may see with this Mercury retrograde is a Psychic Upgrade on all levels of your Aura Fields.


 Trust what you feel called to the next few weeks. Especially anything that you feel is Spiritual to you.


Learn about Mercury Retrograde


What to expect

I believe this Mercury Retrograde will be more intuitive than normal because of the guidance of the Full moon in Pisces.

Dreams for example, may be more vivid than usual. (Remember, weirder the dream, stronger the message from your Angels)

 The Guardians are showing a lot of aura about how the next few weeks, may be great opportunities that were once hidden.


  • When you feel frustrated or annoyed look beyond the situation to see what is surrounding you. Ask yourself "What are my Guardians trying to get me to see"
  • If computers/tech/cell phones/Schedules are impacted by this Mercury Retrograde, take it as a sign that your Angels are asking you to be still in this moment and to listen to your heart.

  • Read a new book or lean something new. This is perfect energy to curl and rest. This is a time to gather knowledge and plan.

  • Write and connect with Art. Be creative.

  • Slow down.


The challenging part of any aura is translating WHERE the energy is coming from and what part of your aura field is being affected. (This topic will be blog/class for another time)


Hope this helps.


Much Love and Peace



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