Horoscope Report for August 2023

Aries: Connect with Nature.

The Guardians are showing an aura where you may feel disconnected from your true self. This is an excellent time to get back to basics and listen to your heart.

Spend more time on your Own to hear what you need.


Food: Mushrooms

Four Sigmatic Mushroom ground coffee with Lion's Mane

Psychic Tool: Crystals

Book: Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews


"Animal Speak provides
techniques for recognizing and interpreting the signs and omens of nature.

Meet and work with animals as totems and spirit guides by
learning the language of their behaviors within the physical world. Animal Speak
shows you how to: identify, meet, and attune to your spirit animals; "


This is a Great book! So much to learn!

Taurus: Excellent energy to focus business.

Time to set goals and make your dreams come true. Please do not underestimate yourself.

You ARE doing it!

This is a wonderful time to take action. Beautiful energy is coming to you.


Food: Lemon water/tea to help connect to your power.

Psychic Tool: Bells are a must have when we need to clear energy.

Book: Multiple streams of Income by Robert G Allen

"In Multiple Streams of Income,
bestselling author Robert Allen presents ten revolutionary new methods for generating over $100,000 a year—on a part-time basis, working from
your home, using little or none of your own money. For this book, Allen researched hundreds of income-producing opportunities and narrowed them down to ten surefire moneymakers anyone can profit from.

This revised edition includes a new chapter on a cutting-edge investing technique."



Gemini: Focus on rest.

You have been through a lot the past few months.

Please focus on rewarding yourself and recharging.

A Massage or Reiki treatment may help you more than you know.


Food: anything that you feel is a treat.

Psychic Tool: Anything connected to the Ocean

Book: The Self-Love Oracle Cards by Janet Chui

"What would it be like to truly love yourself unconditionally? The Self-Love Oracle
teaches that loving yourself is the first step toward self-acceptance,
giving the reader the ability to walk through daily situations with
confidence, strength, and courage."


Clear your mind/thoughts.

You may be feeling more energy than normal because you have just finished an energy/aura purge.

The Angels are asking you to write out your stress and visualization them floating away.

You have master the lessons and are ready for something new.


Food: Grounding foods like root veggies.

Psychic technique: go for a walk

Book: Energy Healing Using Crystals: From history to healing this book explains all by Clare Walker


"Using documented evidence, this book explains how crystals have the ability to heal vibrational energy in all living things. Starting from the first known use of crystals in Ancient Egypt, to present day when a Shaman known as Blue Thunder healed a valley from decades of dry weather and put back to sleep a volcano showing signs of activity. Once  you finish reading you will have a better understanding of the vibrational healing frequencies in crystals. "

Leo: Have fun today.

This aura is all about celebrations. Connect with Friends and loved ones.

Love is very strong this month. A new romance (Someone you do not know) may enter your life to help remind you of the true love you deserve.
Settle for nothing Less.


Food: Any food that brings you joy.

Psychic Tool: Candles


Virgo: Excellent energy to treat yourself.

Your Hard work is paying off. A reward at work may be unexpected but greatly appreciated. Time to learn something new.

Keep an eye on an online class. Calgary may be significant.

Food: Avocados to help expand your abundance. 

Psychic Tool: Anything that you consider a treat.

One of my favs.


She Thinks Like a Boss : Leadership: 9 Essential Skills for New Female Leaders in Business and the Workplace. How to Influence Teams Effectively and Combat Imposter Syndrome

By Jemma Roedel

"Discover how to become an effective woman in leadership -- even if you’re shy, avoid conflict at all costs, or lack confidence.

Are you tired of seeing men at work get promoted, be given better assignments, and enjoy pay raises even though you know your skills and results are just as good, if not better?

Do you find it difficult to express yourself during work meetings without being hostile or apologetic?

Perhaps you're tired of coming home feeling frustrated because you didn't speak up at the meeting, or maybe you feel as though, no matter what you try, people just walk all over you.

You know that there must be another way."


A great read!


Libra: Time to make your dreams come true.

Do not underestimate your power or self. Fitness and self will be important the next few months. Nurture your body and recharge. Business goals are coming together and a new happy opportunity may present itself.


Food: More mushrooms and/or green veggies

Psychic Tool: Reiki Music

Book: Beginner Qigong for Women

By Daisy Lee


"Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong was created by Daisy Lee after years of study with several Qigong masters specializing in women’s health. This medical qigong supports holistic self-care and healing of menstrual and hormonal imbalances, benign breast and uterine tumors/cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, emotional ups and downs, menopausal symptoms, memory loss, and numerous other women’s health issues. Rediscover your radiant health and positive energy using empowering self-healing tools with Daisy Lee."


Scorpio: Clear any energy that is not yours.

You are entering a shift of vibration that thorough your power may help open up may doors and opportunities in the year to come.

In this shift of aura you may notice you are picking up more energy than normal. Please Be sure to ground your energy and spend more time in nature and with pets.


Food: Fruit - Especially Berries.

Psychic Tool: Anything Connecting to Nature.


The Psychic Detective Guidebook - By Dan Baldwin


"THE PSYCHIC DETECTIVE GUIDEBOOK is a very precise and meticulous introduction into a fascinating topic, too often misunderstood and misrepresented. It provides an overview of what a psychic detective is, the tools and techniques at his or her disposal and the steps needed to develop one’s own abilities."


Sagittarius: Focus on Love.

You are stunning. A love is rising greater than you know.

Listen to your body this month. Fitness may help you connect with your Angels more stronger.

A trip may help you connect with a friend from the past.
Treat yourself.


Food: Sensual Food that inspires Love to you.

Like Strawberries!

Psychic Tool: Learn Feng Shui


The Feng Shui Bible: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Life, Home, Health, and Finances - Simon G. Brown

"The idea behind feng shui is simple: to improve any aspect of your life, create the right atmosphere to support it. All the strands of this ancient practice come together in this intelligently organized, visual reference that emphasizes feng shuis practical benefits.

Real life applications and examples enhance lucid explanations of the fundamental concepts: chi energy, yin and yang, the five elements, and eight trigrams.

All the essential tools are laid out, too--everyday objects like mirrors, plants, and fountains that keep the energy flowing smoothly. A comprehensive directory shows how these principles can enhance relationships, finances, creativity, career, health, and spiritual connections."

Capricorn: A book may be important today.

Higher learning is going to important the next few months. 

This is an excellent energy to step back and see where do you want to grow. Learn a new language to help open up your past life connections.


Food: Grounding foods such as potatoes and carrots.

Psychic Tool:  Pendulum - Focus on Psychic Training


3 Pendulum Languages: Contact Your Angelic Team, Pendulum on the Hand & Charts and Maps by Raven Shamballa


"Learn how to use the pendulum as a divination tool for white light spirit communication. As many light workers grow on the spiritual path, they naturally gravitate toward wanting a stronger relationship with their spirit guides. Learn an advanced style of communication using the pendulum. Go beyond yes/no/maybe questions and learn how to hold a conversation with your spirit guides. The 3 languages include, how to contact your angelic team, pendulum on the hand and charts and maps. These languages allow for advanced communication with your angelic team.

This book includes additional charts for communication including vitamins and herbs, crystals and essential oils. The book also includes blank charts that you can use to design your own charts to get more detailed information."

Aquarius: Beautiful energy for laughter.

This is a glorious time to focus on where your joy is.

If you are feeling lost or if the aura feels heavy, put your thoughts on what is making you happy or smile.

This will guide you to your true path and life.


Food: Comfort food. Anything that brings you joy.

Psychic Tool: Anything that connects you to the Ocean. Decor or listen to Ocean waves on YouTube.


Ocean Decor on Amazon for ideas.


Sea Magic: Connecting with the Ocean's Energy By Sandra Kynes



Invoke the Power of the Sea and Transform Your Life

Purifying, mesmerizing, and transformative―the sea has long been celebrated for its beauty and mysterious power. By connecting to the ocean's energies, you can deepen your experience of the natural world and enrich your life.

Whether you live near or far from the coast, Sea Magic takes you on a unique voyage of spiritual rejuvenation. Explore various types of shells and sea creatures, both real and mythical. Call upon sea deities and saints to amplify your spiritual practice, and try a wide array of relaxation exercises and meditative techniques:

  • Set up a sea-themed altar to empower your intentions
  • Center your energy with a cosmic ocean-moon meditation and a conch-hand mudra
  • Release emotions with an ancient practice known as ocean breath to attune to the tides
  • Use shells for divination and positive visualization
  • Select a sea fetch (totem animal) to take you on a shamanic journey

Dive into your inner world of emotions, imagination, and creativity―and let the sea's timeless wisdom guide you on your life path."

Pisces: Time to clear aura.

Do not underestimate yourself or your true powers.

This is an excellent vibration to further your dreams.

A lot of energy around a potential move and/or renovation that may help open up a new path for happy abundance.


Food: Green tea to help clear energy.

Psychic Tool: Energy Clearing Kit

18-200 PCS Healing Crystals, Chakra Crystals Set-7 Tumbled Stones,7 Rough Stones,Selenite Stick & Palo Santo with Instruction,Healing Crystals,Crystals and Healing Stones for Yoga/Meditation

Book: Pisces by Stella Andromeda


Who are you going to fall in love with next? What job should you really be in? When are you finally going to come into that big money? Why does everyone freak out when Mercury is in retrograde?

In our increasingly turbulent world, many of us are looking to the sky to find guidance in the ancient art of astrology. In Pisces, Stella Andromeda will tell you all you need to know about your astrological life as the fish. Learn how to harness the ancient power of the zodiac and open your mind to what the universe can offer in ways you never would have imagined. With advice that covers everything from self-care to sex, this little book is your key to a very starry future.

Contents include: Get to Know Pisces: Lucky color; Pisces careers; How Pisces communicates / The Pisces Deep Dive: Self-care; The Pisces home; Food and cooking; How Pisces wants to be loved / Give Me More: Your birth chart, The Moon effect; Saturn return