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  • Mercury Retrograde August 23rd to September 15th 2023

    Mercury Retrograde in Virgo   This may be a very scattered retrograde. Mercury rules Virgo. When Mercury retrogrades it can make it make Earthy ...
  • Horoscope Report for August 2023

    Aries: Connect with Nature. The Guardians are showing an aura where you may feel disconnected from your true self. This is an excellent time to get...
  • Increase your Psychic Dream Powers

              Psychic Training   ~ Increase your Dream powers ~  Dreams help us hear and see our Angels. They can create a safe space for us to expa...
  • Saturn entering Pisces ~ March 2023

    Astrology News Saturn is about to enter Pisces. Many of us intuitives/healers are feeling intense waves of emotional energies that may be causing c...
  • What Happens when Mercury Goes Direct? ~ January 18th 2023

    What happens when Mercury goes direct? There is plenty of information about when Mercury goes Retrograde but what happens when our wise planet goes...
  • Astrology News January 2023

      Happy New Year Everyone!   Here is a quick Video about the Astrological events this Month. I will be doing more Reiki this month if you like to b...
  • What to Expect with Mercury Retrograde ~ September 10th to Oct 1st 2022

    Influence of a Mercury Retrograde


    Astrology influences our external aura. Think of it as the "Weather" surrounding us.

    When something is moving our external aura it creates an effect similar to a pebble being thrown into the pond. It causes a ripple for every layer of your aura field.

    Aura is best described as an onion. Many layers of various lights and vibrations or what I call "Aura Fields."

    Each Aura Field is kind of like a energetic holding tank of your Souls information and your Divine Powers.

    You are born with these aura fields into this world. They are to help you complete your lessons and when you are lost, remind you of who you really are.

  • Message from the Guardians for February 2022

    We are in a very very powerful and beautiful moment in time.  There is REAL opportunity to get back to true harmony.

  • Waxing Moon in Pisces January 6th, 2022

    Today's energy is going to be a bit more intuitive than normal.

    A Waxing Moon is a growing Moon. When the waxing moon is in Pisces this should be a beautiful energy to work on your Tarot and meditations.

    Please keep an extra eye on how your Guardians are speaking to you.

  • Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: Dec 19th 2021to January 29th 2022

    December 2021Message from the Guardians &Astrology NewsVenus Retrograde in Capricorn: Dec 19th 2021to January 29th 2022Expected a lot of Serend...
  • November 2021 ~ Horoscope ~ Aura Tips to help make you more Psychic

    Happy November everyone! This time of year is very sacred. The Veil between our World and Spirit is very thin. Which means we can hear and see our ...
  • 5 Psychic Tools Every Intuitive needs!

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