Message from the Guardians for February 2022

Message from the Guardians for February 2022

The return of the light.

We are in a very very powerful and beautiful moment in time.  There is REAL opportunity to get back to true harmony.

Be careful not to let fears or anger trick you into something you are not.

We are all stepping into the wisdom of healing past fears.

It is Incredibly important to gently question what is being presented to you at this time. Your intuition will allow you to go deeper into the truth and will guide you greater joy.

Tips to help with this energy

A few suggestions to help with this energy:

Drink more Green tea

Guardians always say Green tea is a fast way to remove negative vibrations from the body.  

Add a cup a day and see what you notice.  

When my energy is off, I make it a habit of drinking 3 cups of Green tea in a row.  I am always pleasantly surprised at how fast my energy returns to me.

Plus the next day I find my body much more stronger.

Try Burdock Tea

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Healing benefits

Purifies and tones the blood.
Great for Skin and anti ageing.
Helps with colds

Excellent article:
Link for David Wolfes article on Burdock.

Spend happy time in the kitchen

This is wonderful energy to reconnect with your ancestors and loved ones in Spirit.

When we connect with our Ancestors we access ancient wisdom that our family has.
*Please note Ancestors may include past life ancestors.  Not just this life.*

A lovely way to do this, is to bake or cook a bit more.

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May be make your Grandmothers cookies or bread? Research your Ancestors traditional foods.

Be sure to have on happy music or music that reminds you of your family. You are looking to connect with past joys to help bring in the new peaceful vibrations.

Increase your Psychic Energy

A easy way to increase your intuition and joy is to simply eat the colours of the Chakras.  

If you find a particular energy off. Say you don’t see as happy as normal then eat more greens to help bring in more love.

Crown - To help you connect to your Guardians and the Divine
    Food - Seaweed, seeds and fermented foods

Third Eye - To build your intuition and psychic sight
    Food -  Grapes, Eggplant and beets

Throat - To help you speak your truth and hear other truths
    Food - Blue berries, Soup and herbal teas

Heart - To help bring in more Love
    Food - LOTS of Fresh Green Veggies and green tea

Solar Plexus - To help you connect with your true powers and path.
    Food - Yellow foods, Bananas, squash and lemon tea.

Sacral - To help connect with your Soulmate or partner.
    Food - Oranges, tangerines, cantaloupes (Orange foods)

Root - To help ground your energy and to help you see your past lives
    Foods - Red apples, red berries and beets may also help here.

Learn the psychic energy from your palm.

Link to Psychic Palm Reading Course

To help with this months energy learn what you can about palm reading.  There are many great website and books to help.

My Nannie Jessie taught me that Angels write our ‘Story’ (Life path) in our hands.
Understanding where the energy is in our hands can help us go further into our on psychic abilities.


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To help the new energy come to you it is important to create a space for it.

Take a bit of time to see where do you find your energy blocked or stale.

This includes your home, mind and body.

A few tips to help:

Set the clock to 10 mins and clean something random. (example your closet or dresser) something you usually do not get a chance to clean

Pay attention when you are stressed or worried. Keep your energy focused on where your joy is. Ask your stress and worries to be released from you.

Drink more water to help any toxins remove from your body.

Horoscope ~ Message from the Guardians

Aries ~ This month will help you connect with your intuition. Tarot and Astrology may help you see an opportunity that was once missed. A friend from the past may cross your path.

Taurus ~ Very important to listen to your body and focus on fitness.  This is a month of clearing past worries and stressed.  A lot of love in the air.

Gemini ~ The energy will be focused on healing and positive growth.  A misunderstanding or misinformation may clear but after you look beyond what was ‘said’ to you.

Cancer ~ You may feel very creative the next few weeks. Happy inspiration is all around you.  A business opportunity may present itself.

Leo ~ Very important to look beyond what was presented to you. Have the courage to fight for the truth.   A new love may present itself

Virgo ~ This is an important energy to learn and study. A new class/course for your career may open up more doors than expected.

Libra ~ Happy Love is all around. A new Business may be more successful than first expected.  A lot of laughter.

Scorpio ~ This may be a time a positive purge.  It is time to clear energy/stress that is not yours.  Love is being born.

Sagittarius ~ Excellent energy to gain more wisdom.  Keep an eye on new books and new documentaries.  Expand your mind.
Capricorn ~ This is wonderful energy to focus on where you wish to grow your career and business. Write out your goals.

Aquarius ~ A Time to go within.  The aura rising is to help you transform into who you really are. You are being reborn.  Focus on what makes you happy to help you find your path.

Pisces ~ You are going into a very high vibration aura this month.  Deep Spiritual knowledge may come to you in your dreams and in music.  Be creative.


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