Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: Dec 19th 2021to January 29th 2022

December 2021

Message from the Guardians &
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Venus Retrograde in Capricorn:
 Dec 19th 2021to January 29th 2022

Expected a lot of Serendipity.

Venus is the planet of Love and inspiration. Netflix of Knowledge 1

When Venus retrogrades, she helps us remove any obstacles to our true Joy.

The next few months maybe work, but it will help open up a new vibration for you.

Where Venus is in Capricorn, I expect to see the focus of this Retrograde to be primarily on Career and the Worlds Finical “health”.

If you are not enjoying your job, career or Path there should be unexpected opportunities presented to you.

This is an amazing time to work on your business or to look for a new job.  Classes may become very important.

If we are not hearing our true powers or in a situation that is not the best for you, Venus will give that extra “Push” to help you see or get on to something better.

Really take your time to hear what you want to do in the life.

This is a powerful energy to help create the foundations for more joy.

Around January 23rd you should hear news of something wonderful.

A few tips to help with this energy:

  • Write out your career goals

  • Write your business plan

  • Daydream about your “Perfect” Job

  • Ask yourself what is stopping your from your dreams?

  • Yoga

  • Eat more veggies

Tools to help

Clear the energy. Working with Tingshaws is a very quick way to remove Negative energy.


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Power of Mushrooms.

Fairies always speak of the Divine Connection That Mushrooms give us.

Try to eat a few mushrooms a day. Whether in Soup or cut up a few button mushrooms as a snack.

If you like coffee or tea look for brands that have mushrooms in it.  A wonderful way to get your mushroom intake.

Here are some of my favorites.

Mushroom Coffee
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Work with Crystals.

Crystals help connect our aura  to the Universe.  Where they are interdimensional They help your remember your Past lives and in this Retrograde, they can help you reconnect to your true life path.

A few suggestions:

Crystal Kit

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Hope this helps

Much Love and Peace