5 Tips to find your Soulmate

I was single for 7 years before I found him.

5 dating tips to find your man

In that Journey, I didn't understand what I was doing wrong.

I was sad, depressed and at times, angry.

Tired of being alone? 5 Steps to find him

One Day I did a meditation. I had, had enough and was going to speak to my Guardians and Angels.

I asked them:

'What am I doing wrong? Where is he? I am ready!!'

This is what they said to me:

  1. It is important to know You are speaking to your soulmate right now.Aura Reiki Connecting to your Soulmate Twinflame
  2. Your Soulmate hears/knows everything you are feeling
  3. It is important to know You also hear/know everything that he/she/them are feeling
  4.   You both have a divine power to reconnect with each other in this world
  5. In this course is the step by step outline of what the Guardians showed me to find my Soulmate.

 This is what the Guardians asked me to do, in order to find my Soulmate.