Psychic Message for September 2021 ~ Warning from Guardians

Please  Don't under estimate your Psychic Powers.
You are more stronger and wiser than you know.
This month may bring bit of a test. The Guardians are showing that many may experience a 'false energy' or 'Entity like force.'
What is a 'false energy' or 'Entity like force.'
False energy or an Entity is an aura where you feel you are being attacked. You may feel you are easily angered. Or you may feel Angry/Fear all the time.
Why Does it happen?
False energy or an Entity, happens when a negative energy is trying to manipulate you. Or to get your to forget your true power. 
Fear and Anger can blind you to your Divine Truth.  And unfortunately, it makes it very easy for us to be tricked into a reaction or say words that are not our

3 Signs of False energy or an Entity maybe around.

1) An obvious Overreaction to situations that you or someone would not normally respond in that way.

Example: A reaction in Anger or fear When the situation does not call for it.

2) You feel you have no power. That no one hears you.

3) You feel you want to 'attack' or to get back at someone or a situation..

Ex be rude or unkind when it does not call for it. Or the wishing of ill intentions to someone or a group.

What Can I do?
Here are a few tips:
  • Check your palm for blocked fire.  Learn more in Psychic Palm Reading
  • Take a deep before speaking. Ask yourself are you speaking in kindness?
  • Observe. Pay extra attention to how everyone around you is communicating to each other. Is it a healthy conversation? Is anyone not being kind?
  • If someone is being unkind, please try to hear where they are coming from. Are they in fear? Are they in Anger? Take the time to understand. You don't have to agree with them, but hearing where they are can be a powerful step in real healing.


Hope this helps

Much Love and Peace