Advance Psychic Development Course - SoulmateCourse

Advance Psychic Development Course


Are you ready to step into Your Psychic powers?


Kelliena gently teaches the intuitive techniques, she has learned from her 25 year Psychic Practice.

Over the Years, the Guardians (Angels and Guides) have helped Kelliena step in to her Intuitive abilities and help her understand who the Guardians are and the power of psychic Energy. The Hope is to validate your own powers and see how you are hearing and seeing your Guardians.


Discover how you are ALREADY using your psychic abilities. These are advance exercises. Please be sure to be familiar with Chakras, Reiki and psychic energies BEFORE taking this course.


About Kelliena Kelliena  is from Nova Scotia Canada and has been conducting professional Psychic Readings for over 25 years.  

Her family has a tradition of 'Fortunetellers' and tea leaf readers. In 2001 Kelliena began her Reiki Journey with the Late Reiki Master, Sheila Earle. A very powerful teacher and healer. During Kelliena’s early teenage years she realized her ability to be a communicator between the Angels, Fairies, Spirit Guides & the Seekers.

Kelliena Firmly believes that all psychic readings should empower the Seeker (Client) & that all Readings should be for the highest good. Kelliena believes that everyone has Psychic Gifts.

She holds classes to give seekers guidance to develop their Psychic Powers.