Soulmate Spell

Powerful Soulmate Spell


Your Soulmate is out there and you have the power to help call Him/Her/They in.

This is the Spell I used to call in my Man and it worked!

The first time I did this I met him that night! However I didn't know it was him.

It was 3 years later when we reconnected and the rest is history!


Spells are prayers.

When we do a Spell, it helps focus the energy to manifest what you are looking for.

When to do this Spell

Best done on a Friday (Day of Venus ~ the Planet of Love)

Better yet on a NEW moon on a Friday

BEST Day for it is the New Moon in Libra

(Usually in September/October Please check for current planets)

Be Sure Check your Palm to see if there is any energy/Fire on your Soulmate line.


Psychic Palm Reading Course by Kelliena

Link to my course about Psychic Palm reading

You will need the following:

Please be sure to check out your Local New Age/Spiritual stores first.

I have linked the photos to Amazon in case you are not near a store.

A cast iron cauldron

Candle holder

Link to Amazon


Pink Candle

Link to Amazon Spell Candles


Link to Amazon




Red,Green or pink Pen


Link to Amazon or get pens at dollar store.

Piece of paper


Reiki Soulmate Mugs

Link to Soulmate Mugs  


The Spell

You will need:


A Cast iron Cauldron

Pink Candle

Small Candle holder

A Lighter


Salt (Sea salt is best but it is okay to use table salt)

A Red (colour of Love), Pink (Colour of Romance) or Green (Heart Chakra) pen. Use what colour you feel drawn too.

A piece of Paper

The Spell


Please read the entire Spell before Casting it.

Then go back to Step one and begin.

Step One: Cast your circle.

In Spell work, you want to create a sacred space. Casting a circle helps protect you from unwanted energies and keep the Spell focused on the intention.

* Facing the EAST Corner, Take your Tingshas and ring them 3 times. (Past, Present and future)

Focus your energy on the Happy New romantic beginning before you.

* Turn Facing the SOUTH,

Take your Tingshas and ring them 3 times. (Past, Present and future)

Focus your energy on the Powerful Mind, Body and Spirit Passion

of romantic energy beginning before you.

Take your time to feel this Passion.

Turn Facing the West,

Take your Tingshas and ring them 3 times. (Past, Present and future)

Focus your energy on the Beautiful Psychic Connection you and your Soulmate have.

Turn Facing the North,

Take your Ting shas and ring them 3 times. (Past, Present and future)

Focus your energy on the Abundance of your Love between you and your Soulmate. Visualize the Happy Home that you will have together.

Pay extra attention to what thoughts pop into your mind. This could be a message from your Angels and/or Soulmate.

Step Two: Give A Symbol for your Soulmate

At this Moment Give your Soulmate a Symbol so they can communicate with you until you meet in this world.

Close your eyes and feel your heart connecting to your Soulmate. In your minds eye visualize the Symbol you want to use.

When I did this I used a Blue Butterfly. Every time I saw a Blue Butterfly I knew I was getting a message from my Soulmate. If I was a the Grocery Store and saw a Blue Butterfly I would pay extra attention to what I was thinking and who was around. I would write it down in my journal. So much made sense once I met him!

The year I got together with My Man, My Mother put a Blue Butterfly on my birthday cake that year. I knew something about about to happen.

    [caption id="attachment_787" align="aligncenter" width="300"] This is the Blue Butterfly Mum put on my birthday Cake. She didn't know it was my Soulmate Symbol. I met him that year.[/caption]

Step 3: Cast your Spell

On a clean table, that is free from clutter and pets,

place your Cauldron on the center of the table.

Taking your piece of paper, write a list of what your Soulmate will be. Write out what kind of relationship you will have together.

Feel the Love as you do this.

Add Salt to the bottom of your Cauldron.


Place your Candle holder inside the Cauldron

Take an old pen and write the words on to your Pink Candle that you want to use to call in your Soulmate. Love is an example.

You can write as many words as you would like.

Easier to see with a marker but not necessary

As you Light your Candle, in your heart share your Love to your Soulmate. Know that they are feeling this energy too. And have complete faith that you will find one another.

**Note** It is important to light this when you have a few hours to yourself. As the Candle burns you can watch on of your favorite romantic movies or read one of your favorite romantic novels.

Much Love and Peace